CFOA Football Referee Shirt Long Sleeve

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CFOA Football Referee Shirt Long Sleeve

CFOA Football Referee Shirt Long Sleeve. Approved for use in 2014. The new Colorado shirt is distinct in that it has 2-1/4 inch black and white stripes with a wide black panel under the arm.  The American flag (1-3/4” x 3-1/4”) will be dye-subllimated above the breast pocket. Made with 100% moisture management Elite fabric. Made in the USA.


Sizes: M-4XL


(All crew members must wear the same shirt.)

Varsity Games

2014 Season
Regular Season – Optional Use of New Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve)
Post Season – Required Use for Semifinals and Championship Crews

2015 Season
Regular Season – Required Short Sleeve Use (Long Sleeve Use Optional)
Post Season – All Playoffs Require Use of the New Shirt

2016 Season
Regular and Post Season – Wide Stripe Shirt Required for All games

Subvarsity Games

Coordination of uniform for subvarsity games is a must! The narrow stripe shirt shall be the default uniform for 2014 unless all crew members have the new shirt. In 2015 & 2016 follow varsity schedule above.