Cliff Keen Ultimate Diamond Umpire Shirt

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Cliff Keen Ultimate Diamond Umpire Shirt

Cliff Keen combines comfort, durability and athletic construction in our remarkable U126MXS. You won't find a tougher shirt on any diamond - without the weight and bulk of former uniform shirts. Unique blend of quality, performance, and lightweight construction that makes our Ultimate Diamond Shirts the best shirt available. Try it once, wear it for a lifetime. Cliff Keen's MXS Loose-fitting performance umpire shirt is a winner.  It's lightweight, moisture-wicking (keeping you cool), and will maintain its color.

Sizes: Limited colors and sizes.

  • Shrink, wrinkle, and stain resistant
  • MXS fabric wicks moisture from the body
  • Button Placket.  Button color matches fabric of shirt with the exception of the cream shirt, which has clear buttons.