Honig's Heather Grey Pleated Poly-Wool Plate Pants

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 Honig's Heather Grey Pleated Poly-Wool Plate Pants

Heather Grey pleated style pants. Poly/Wool fabric. Honig's poly-wool plate pants offer a relaxed fit. Features a double layer seat and knee area for added durability. Permanent crease front, crush-proof double hook eye closure, bar-tacked at stress points for durability. Snug-Tex waistband, reinforced seat, western-style front pockets, security tab on left rear pocket. 
The style the pros wear! Sure, they cost a bit more, but they are worth the price. 


  • Poly/Wool fabric
  • Athletic cut for comfort and durability
  • Flat front with western cut pockets
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric
  • Reinforced-stitching throughout
  • Premium quality clasp 
  • Snug-Tex waistband

Sizes: 30-48