Numbers for Shirts-Jackets

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Numbers for Shirts-Jackets

Our 3 inch or 4 inch Numbers. Tackle-twill material. Enter first and second digits desired in open spaces above. If you have two digits, you must order two numbers.

-Laser cut numbers won't fray on the edges
-Pre-layered numbers have the appropriate color combinations
-Pre-built - evenly spaced all the way around edges
-Permanently sealed - numbers won't fall apart. Remove the backing and sew only around the outside edge for a true professional look.
-Athletic Block Style 

Typical number and number color combinations are as follows:
(First color is the body of the number, next color(s) represent the outline of each number)

Navy shirt: Red on White (R/W) 
Light blue shirt (navy/white trim): Navy on White on Navy (N/W/N) or Navy on White (N/W)
Black shirt: White on Black on White (W/B/W)
Cream shirt: Black with white & black outline (B/W/B)
Grey shirt: Black on White on Black (B/W/B)
Red shirt: Navy on White on Red  (N/W/R)
Light blue shirt (MLB style - black collar): White on Black on White (W/B/W)
White shirt: Navy on White on Red (N/W/R)

Order by sets of numbers. (Example: Ordering number 1 is a set. Ordering number 15 is a set)

Please allow approximately one week for the number application on a shirt or jacket under normal conditions.  During certain times of the year (beginning of the baseball/softball season), please allow two weeks or more. If you have any specific instructions about the application of the digits, please include them in the "comments" section when you complete your order or call us at 877-505-9918.

Number color combinations vary among associations. Please check with your local association for proper shirt/number combinations. We are not responsible for improper shirt/number color combinations.