The Ultimate Umpire Equipment Checklist

Posted by The Staff on May 7, 2018, 2:59 pm

The Ultimate Umpire Equipment Checklist

As an umpire, you need to be prepared for anything to happen. You need the right umpire equipment to ensure you stay safe. Here's your equipment checklist.

Umpires are the conductors of a baseball game. They are expected to be prepared, professional, and, quite honestly, unseen. An umpire needs to go with the flow of the game without disrupting it, and equipment malfunctions can lead to injuries that will delay the game.

There are different things to consider when you're preparing your summer umpire equipment, and if you're a new umpire, you want to be sure that you start off right.

Here is an ultimate umpire equipment checklist that you need to see before you get behind the plate.

Necessary Umpire Equipment

Depending on the age and skill level that you're umping for, you'll need to adjust your equipment accordingly. Additionally, there are a few umping positions which require different equipment. For example, a third base umpire does not need as much equipment as someone umping home base.

More or less equipment may be necessary depending on your role, but here are a few universal pieces of equipment that you will definitely need.

Face Masks

If you're going to be umping behind the plate, you will want a face mask. Some younger baseball leagues will allow you to go behind the plate with a backwards cap. Even if you're given the option, it is always safer to wear a face mask when you're umping.

If you're getting into the more competitive leagues, you'll definitely need a mask. Make sure that your mask covers your face, is resilient, and allows ventilation. You will likely be sweating regardless of the clothes you're wearing. Make sure that your mask doesn't contribute to disruptions in vision or excessive heat.

Chest Pad

You're going to need a chest pad behind the plate as well. All of this equipment is essentially there to prevent you from getting wounded by a speeding ball or misplaced bat. A solid chest pad will be well situated on your body and, again, allow for ventilation.

You'll want to wear a t-shirt under your chest pad to prevent any chaffing or discomfort. Additionally, make sure that it is tight, but not so tight that it will constrict you. Make sure there is enough padding to protect against a 100mph baseball.

Knee and Shin Pads

Nothing smarts more than a baseball bat to the shin. That's why the mafia took so fondly to bats. You don't want a baseball to ricochet from the plate to your shin either. And let's be honest, that is likely to happen.

Make sure that your pads are protective and ventilated. Pretty simple.

Prepare for the Heat

You're going to be overdressed in temperatures that can sometimes reach over 100 degrees. You need to bring enough water, get enough sleep, and wear ventilated equipment.

If you don't take those precautions, you will be susceptible to heat stroke and a number of other medical issues. Even if you don't suffer any medical complications, your focus will be misdirected, and you'll be less likely to call a good game.

If you have any further questions or concerns about being an umpire, contact us, and we'll be happy to help you out.