Cliff Keen 2 1/4" Stripe Weatherslayer

Cliff Keen

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Cliff Keen 2 1/4" Stripe Weatherslayer

Cliff Keen 2 1/4" Stripe Weatherslayer. Long-Sleeve WeatherSlayer is designed to keep you warm and dry. Cold, wet weather never had a chance with the new 2 1/4" Stripe Long Sleeve Weather Slayer. Cliff Keen's 2 1/4" Stripe WeatherSlayer lining features a revolutionary windproof, waterproof, and breathable coated Microfiber material. This highly-technical fabric is surrounded with an ultra-thin layer of polymer that repels water and resists absorption. Moisture just beads up, shakes off and dries quickly. The WeatherSlayer (tm) is the perfect foul-weather shirt to wear during those brisk fall contests or spring lacrosse games.

Size: MD-3X