Discbands Alternate Possession Wristbands


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Discbands® Alternate Possession Wristbands

Introducing a new and innovative accessory for basketball and lacrosse officials to keep track of alternate possession, and baseball umpires to keep track of hitter timeouts per plate appearance. Interchangeable discs represent team colors. Black Alternate Possession Wristband comes with white and black discs representing home & away. Sizing connector included. Comfortable soft silicone elastic wristband. Able to fit wrist up to 8.5”.  Discbands® was created to be helpful, efficient and professional. This wristband is not jewelry or a bracelet in the same way the whistle is not a necklace. Discbands® can remove the burden of remembering alternate possession so you may focus on the technical aspects of the game.


  • Able to fit wrist up to 8.5".
  • Black Alternate Possession Wristband with white & black discs representing home & away
  • View Disc at Possession or Jump Ball
  • Rotate Discs after throw in or after toss
  • Great for tournaments
  • Sizing connector included.
  • Comfortable soft silicone elastic wristband.


See the team indicator when making the held ball signal so you can immediately make the right call. After legal throw in, simply rotate the discs in less than 1 second and you're ready for the next call.


Works great for the alternating rule in lacrosse that awards the ball to one team and then the other [in alternating fashion] when a call cannot be decided in favor of one side.