Team Wendy Zorbium Pads Umpire Mask

Team Wendy

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Team Wendy Zorbium Pads Umpire Mask

Team Wendy UMPS are the first commercially available umpire facemask pad sets designed utilizing Zorbium foam, a material engineered by Team Wendy chemists. Designed specifically for energy absorption and impact protection with the same expertise used to develop the U.S. military preferred helmet pads. Hollow-core, powder-coated steel frame with extended throat and ear coverage. Solid black mask harness.

Independent impact testing shows Team Wendy UMPS™ lower peak acceleration by an average of 30% and lowers the severity index by an average of 40%. This ultimately lowers the exposure of the wearer to potential injuries caused by impacts during the game.

The energy-absorbing nature of Team Wendy’s Zorbium ® foam enables our pad set to decrease overall acceleration forces caused by impacts better than most commercially available umpire masks.

Choose tan or black pads.