How Much Do Umpires Make

Posted by The Staff on July 28, 2018, 7:31 pm

How Much Do Umpires Make & Why You Should Consider Becoming One

How Much Do Umpires Make & Why You Should Consider Becoming One

How much do umpires make? Is it good enough for you to seriously consider it as a career option? Here's what you need to know about umpire salary and the benefits of becoming a professional umpire or referee.

Most people don't jump at the chance to get yelled at. But if you're considering a career as an umpire, you know it's part of the job, although it can also be very enjoyable and lucrative.

Are you thinking about a career as an umpire? This article addresses the question of how much do umpires make, and also why it's a career you should definitely consider!

How Much Do Umpires Make?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average umpire, referee, or sport official makes about $26,000 per year. They also estimate an 8% increase in available positions for umpires in the next ten years, which may be necessary to overcome the shortage of umpires available.

Youth and High School

Being an umpire for youth sports is a great way to begin a career as a professional umpire.

Typically, umpires make $20-$40 per game, with some umpires working a few games a month and others several times per week.

The networking opportunities with this type of refereeing or umpire work are valuable. They can help a young, aspiring umpire make the connections necessary to jump-start a career.

Make sure to find local umpire camps or training sessions to help you get more experience. These types of clinics can help you get more games during regular season.

Minor League

Many Minor League baseball umpires are on their way to a career in the Majors, or they wouldn't be slogging through the Minors. Minor League umpires often do not make enough to support their families.

They make between $22,000 and $42,000 per year, depending on whether they are umpiring for rookie league or Triple-A games.

One way that umpires make extra money during the offseason is by teaching classes about how to be an umpire.

Major League

Major League baseball umpires make as much as the rookie players do, about $200,000 per year, in addition to expenses.

Umpires who make it to the Majors have spent at least 7-10 years as an umpire in the Minors, and have been through professional umpire training school (and graduated the top 15% in their class).

The MLB also requires that umpires have 20/20 vision (vision correction is allowed) and be in shape.

Why You Should Become An Umpire


Being an umpire helps you stay in shape. During a typical game, umpires must run, and stand for hours. To maintain the MLB's fitness requirements, umpires will also need to work out in their off hours.

Love for the Game

Eat, sleep, and breathe baseball? Do you go to all the minor league games in your town?

If you love the game of baseball, but aren't sure that pursuing a career playing baseball makes sense for you, why not a career as an umpire?

Building Confidence

Referees have a hard job; they often take lots of pressure from the fans, parents, and coaches. You have to be stoic, certain of your decisions, and dedicated. The position is a big responsibility but also very rewarding.

Getting Started

If you've ever asked the question "How much do umpires make?" you no longer have to wonder. You're ready to read more about how to become an umpire and take that next step in your career.

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