Honig's Elite Shin Guards


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Honig's Elite Shin Guards

We've improved the comfort of our signature shin guard by upgrading to a contoured nylon covered foam pad that's softer and better cushioned.  The floating lower knee cap allows better flexibility when bending down into your stance.  Encased plastic ankle plates provide additional protection.  What sets this apart from other professional models is its versatility.  Five sizes ensure you find the perfect fit.  The instep plate is removable if you're wearing mid or high cut plate shoes and don't desire the overlapping protection. A removable thigh plate can be added above the knee protection.  All around, the best and most versatile choice for affordable professional level protection.

 Sizes  15"-17"-18"-19" 




To determine the size of your shin guards:

1. Measure the distance from the middle of your knee cap to the top of your instep – with your foot on the floor at a 90 degree angle.

2. Reduce the measurement by ¾ inch if you wear plate shoes.

3. If you are between sizes – order the smaller size – shorter is better then long.