Ref Smart Ultimate Plastic Signal Card with Penalties


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Ref Smart Ultimate Plastic Signal Card with Penalties

The ultimate football penalty signal card. Features 47 full-color NCAA & NFHS football referee penalty signals and their yardage. Easy-to-read large format. Bi-fold reference tool fits easily in your pocket. This durable and waterproof card will last many seasons. Great tool for referee's that officiate both college and at the high school level.


Ultimate Plastic Signal Card with Penalties.

  • 4 Part Plastic Signal Card
  • 5.75" (wide) x 4.75" (tall)
  • Larger fonts make it easier to read
  • Includes expanded signals 25 & 26 for horse collar tackle and illegal blindside block
  • NCAA and NFHS Penalty Yardage Included
  • Color coded penalty enforcements for both NFHS and NCAA
  • Bright background on the signal chart makes it easier to see
  • Adjusted the overall size of the card so that when folded it will easily fit into most game card holders
  • Laminated