Fox 40 Mini Pink Referee Whistle

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Fox 40 Mini Pink Referee Whistle

Fox 40 Mini Pink Referee Whistle. The one that changed the game! Authentic. Original. Fox 40's first patented pealess whistle available in Pink for Cancer Awareness. Same great whistle in a compact style. Used by referees and coaches at all levels who need every call to be heard. Flawless, consistent and penetrating sound keeps the referee in control of the game. Ensure every call will be heard!


Referee Whistle Details

  • The compact Fox 40 Mini Referee Whistle.
  • Patented three-chamber design for faultless performance every time. Cuts through crowd noise and travels a long distance.
  • Patented, pealess design for loud, shrill penetrating power
  • Crisp, sharp sound
  • Sound Power: 109 dB
  • Color: Pink